Welcome to the World of TourHub

Welcome to the TourHub supplier portal! You are just a few steps away from joining our global touring and adventure market place and promoting your product directly to customers who are in search of a specific type of holiday experience. TourHub is an aggregator of multi-day touring and adventure product and we work as an Online Travel Agent.


Working Together – A Real Partnership

We will market your tours directly to potential travellers who are seeking your type of product. Once your product is loaded and live, customers will be able to book your tours using our instant booking system. Our supplier portal also contains a handy messaging system that allows suppliers to communicate directly with customers who have questions or queries about a holiday, before or after they have booked one. TourHub will act as an Online Travel Agency, safely and securely transacting customer payments online and remitting them to you.

Our sister platform, TourHound, also market the same touring and adventure holidays but we work differently by directing the customer straight to your website so they can book direct with you. Once you are live on the TourHub platform we will be happy to discuss whether or not you wish to feature on the TourHound platform. Access and exposure on the TourHound platform depends on your online booking capability, implementing attribution and reporting technology and success on the TourHub platform.


The Sign-up Process – Just 3 Easy Steps

Registering to work with TourHub and featuring your tours on our platform is self administered with a simple step-by-step process.

Step 1

Complete your Company Profile by providing basic information about your business including contact details. Thereafter you will be able to review and agree our terms and conditions of partnership. Once you have agreed to the TourHub T&Cs the system will prompt you for more information. Please follow the steps as guided.

Step 2

Once your Company Profile is complete, you can commence loading your tours. Tours can be added to our platform either manually or if you have API/Flatfile/Json capability, product loading can be automated. If you wish to do the latter, please message us for more information.

Step 3

When all your tours are loaded and ready to send to “live” we will review your product to ensure that they meet our criteria. Once we are satisfied that everything has been correctly loaded, we will activate your account and your product will be released onto the TourHub platform.


Making The Difference - Some Important Tips

The key to successfully promoting your adventure and touring product on the TourHub platform lies in the following factors:

  1. Instant Booking – enabling instant booking on the TourHub platform makes your product easy to book and will encourage an instant buying decision. Product with Instant Booking feature are twice as likely to be booked.
  2. Marketing Score – our marketing score helps you visually and factually maximise the way in which your tour features on the TourHub platform. The higher the score, the better your product will look and the more chance of converting a booking. Imagery is an important feature of your tour and you should take care about the quality of the images you use. Please take note of our image size recommendations when loading your tours.
  3. Reviews – potential customers always like to read positive feedback from previous travellers, so the more reviews you are able to provide, the higher your reputation as a good supplier will rank. Reviews are extremely influential in the buying decision process so wherever possible, provide as many reviews as you can. You can load in reviews at company level or at individual tour level as you go through the sign up process. We will also give you the opportunity to add in url's to any specific review sites you may work with instead, i.e. Feefo, Trustpilot etc. You are now ready to proceed with the sign up process.


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