"Compact Costa Rica dazzles with its incredible biodiversity, and landscapes that range from idyllic beaches and mangrove swamps to towering volcanoes and mist-shrouded cloud forest."

Escorted Tours and Holidays in Costa Rica

If you’re a nature-lover or adventure-seeker, chances are high that you’ll thoroughly enjoy an escorted tour holiday of Costa Rica. In addition to being a land full of unspoiled beaches, lush rainforests, delightful wildlife and active volcanoes, Costa Rica is known for its great food, super-friendly people and an endless array of exciting activities.

Although a relatively small country, Costa Rica seems to have everything, so it’s impossible to do it all in just one trip. That said, you can easily pack a lot into an escorted tour to help make your dream Costa Rica holiday a reality.

The ‘Adventure Capital’ of Costa Rica is the Arenal Volcano area which offers so many adrenaline activities, such as rappelling, zip lining, waterfall jumping and white water rafting. It’s also a great place to go if you enjoy bird watching, trekking or hiking. Countless escorted holidays take place here and in the surrounding area, and you can even visit several volcano-heated hot springs to help you unwind after your adventures.

Another unique place to visit during your Costa Rica holiday is Monteverde, a mystical area that’s situated in the mysterious cloud forest. The Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve is covered by a cloud-like mist and is home to hundreds of species of birds and an amazing variety of orchids and flora. On an escorted tour, you’ll be able to admire the orchids, go bird watching and learn about the frog population. Even if you choose a horseback riding tour, you’ll still get to look at the different plants and see Monteverde’s diverse wildlife. If you’re really lucky, you may even spot a puma, ocelot or jaguar. But there’s more. Monteverde also boasts a magical butterfly garden, numerous hiking trails and the Selvatura treetop suspension bridges.

One of the most popular attractions in Costa Rica is Tortuguero National Park, where most tourists head to see nesting sea turtles and all kinds of wildlife, including sloths, monkeys and squirrels. It’s a vast area of creeks, lagoons and canals, so the best way to get around and see the animals is by boat. There are, however, some hiking trails here too.

Despite being the smallest national park in Costa Rica, Manuel Antonio National Park receives the most visitors each year. There is so much to explore here, from stunning beaches and park trails to jungle life and endangered species. The park wildlife and reptiles include toucans, sloths, racoons, anteaters, iguanas, lizards, rare squirrel monkeys and hundreds of bird species. Dolphins and migrating whales have been spotted offshore from time to time, and crocodiles have shown their faces here as well. It’s not essential to take an escorted tour, but it might be best to hire a guide to help you make the most of your time here.


Escorted Touring Holiday Highlights of Costa Rica

  • Arenal Volcano: The region surrounding the Arenal Volcano offers superb hiking routes, rejuvenating hot springs and all kinds of wildlife including sloths and coatis. Known as the ‘Adventure Capital,’ it’s also the place to go for a range of exciting activities, such as rappelling, zip lining and waterfall jumping.
  • Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve: A unique ecosystem and a must-see for any wildlife enthusiast, Monteverde is home to many frogs, birds, butterflies and fun activities. It’s also one of few places where you can find most of Costa Rica’s native cat species. If you plan on hiking around the forest, we recommend you book an escorted tour so that you don’t miss anything!
  • Tortuguero National Park: A labyrinth of canals, Tortuguero is a significant turtle nesting site that is visited by tourists from across the globe. The area can be explored in different ways, but a boat tour is best if you want to discover as many animals, creeks and lagoons as possible.
  • Manual Antonio National Park: A top tourist attraction and a Costa Rica holiday highlight, Manual Antonio National Park is an experience like no other. Located on the Pacific Coast, the park includes beaches, forests, lagoons, mangroves and all kinds of birds, reptiles and mammals.

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