"Croatia has reasserted itself as one of Europe’s most appealing destinations, a cultural crossroads where the Mediterranean meets the Balkans, with a dash of Mitteleuropa thrown in for good measure."

Escorted Tours and Holidays in Croatia

Croatia is fast becoming one of the world’s hottest destinations, and there’s no denying that this country has a lot going for it. From its fascinating history and extraordinary beauty to its outstanding architecture and welcoming atmosphere, Croatia promises to bedazzle you and transform your escorted tour holiday into a truly unforgettable travel experience.

Dubrovnik is undoubtedly the jewel in the crown and it offers endless things to do and see all year round. This city is a sensational blend of baroque architecture, picturesque towns and tranquil waters, and no holiday to Dubrovnik can be complete without a walk along its Ancient City Walls. Dubrovnik is also known for its UNESCO World Heritage Old Town, the perfect place to wander cobbled streets and discover narrow alleyways, stunning buildings, cute squares and terracotta-tiled rooftops. As a prominent Game of Thrones filming location, you can even take an escorted tour that takes you to see some of the scenes and filming spots of this popular television series.

Croatia’s second-largest city, Split is another must-visit area on a tour or holiday in this part of the world. Split is a city that combines modern life with ancient buildings, and it boasts many historic sites like Diocletian’s Palace and ruins that date back to the Roman Empire. It’s also home to a wonderful Old Town, as well as People’s Square (Narodni Trg), a central meeting square that’s overlooked by an impressive clock tower and features many cafés and restaurants.

If you want to visit the capital during your Croatia escorted tour holiday, you’ll need to head to Zagreb, which is jam-packed with quirky bars, trendy pubs and decent restaurants. Not only is Zagreb the capital but it’s also the largest city of Croatia, and it’s where you can enjoy an arty vibe and a speciality coffee scene. Zagreb also has many fascinating museums, such as the Torture Museum, Museum of Illusions and the award-winning Museum of Broken Relationships. There’s even a terrific market scene in Zagreb, a city that hosts many festivals and has become a hotspot of amazing street art.

Most Croatia escorted tour itineraries include a visit to Plitvice Lakes National Park, one of the country’s top tourist attractions and one of the oldest and largest national parks. Nature lovers and hiking enthusiasts come from far and wide to see this heavily forested area and to explore the lakes, caves, waterfalls and different hiking trails. The forests in the park are home to wolves, bears, wild boar, hedgehogs, mink, rare birds and many other special animals, making it a great location to view amazing landscapes and lots of wildlife.    

When booking your holiday or escorted tour, you may want to add some of Croatia’s islands to your itinerary. Croatia’s coast is dotted with more than 1,000 islands, all of which offer you a glimpse at island life and give you a taste of the incredible Croatian cuisine. Brac, the third largest island, is one of the most-visited as it has a beautiful white-pebble beach. Just south of Brac is Hvar, a celebrity holiday hotspot with countless secluded coves. There’s also the island of Vis, the idyllic filming location of the movie Mamma Mia. The compact nature of the Balkans also means that you can combine an escorted tour of Croatia with a visit to neighbouring countries, such as Slovenia, Montenegro and Bosnia-Herzegovina.


Escorted Touring Highlights of Croatia

  • Dubrovnik: Walk the walls of Dubrovnik and marvel at the gleaming white streets and terracotta roofs, framed by the brilliant blue of the Adriatic. Visit the popular city of Dubrovnik and your Croatia escorted tour holiday will be memorable for all the right reasons.
  • Split: A seafront city that’s home to a remarkable Old Town, where the narrow alleys and shady squares are contained within the old Roman walls of the emperor Diocletian’s Palace. Split makes a great base for a holiday in Croatia and is a must-visit on any escorted tour itinerary.
  • Zagreb: The capital of Croatia, Zagreb is often overlooked, yet there’s always something to do in this part of the country. From top-notch restaurants and fascinating museums to displays of street art and atmospheric Christmas markets, the city of Zagreb is bursting with charm, energy and culture.
  • Plitvice Lakes National Park: A watery wonderland of thick forest, crystalline lakes and spectacular waterfalls, Plitvice Lakes National Park can be explored by boat, bus or on foot. As one of the most beautiful national parks in Europe, you’re going to want to tour this incredible forest reserve so that you can experience something new on your Croatia holiday.
  • Croatia’s Islands: With over 1000 islands strung along the Dalmatian coast, there’s no wonder visitors choose island-hopping escorted tours in Croatia. Hop on a boat to the large island of Brac and the unspoiled island of Vis or venture further and visit the walled city of Korcula and the fashionable island of Hvar.

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