"Germany is Europe’s beating economic heart, an incredibly varied country assembled from a patchwork of distinctive regions and states."

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Germany is Europe’s beating economic heart, an incredibly varied country assembled from a patchwork of distinctive regions and states. The classic image of Germany is of fairytale castles peering out from thick forest, timbered houses leaning rakishly over cobbled streets, and beerhalls filled with ruddy-faced patrons and buxom barmaids. But modern Germany is also a centre for high-tech manufacturing, finance and the creative industries, home to the soaring skyscrapers of Frankfurt and the hipster hangouts of Berlin. It’s a complicated country that’s impossible to pigeonhole, with the Cold War divisions of East and West often still tangible.

The Rhine valley is the highlight of many touring itineraries, a beautifully scenic part of the country where you’ll find picturesque towns like Rüdesheim and Boppard, while the engaging Bavarian capital, Munich, is famous as the home of Oktoberfest. Berlin’s Cold War history is fascinating, though these days it’s the pumping clubs and bars that attract many visitors to the capital. If you’re looking for a more restful escape then why not play Hansel and Gretel in the Black Forest, or take the waters in the spa town of Baden-Baden. Germany is home to some truly stupendous architecture, including Cologne’s imposing cathedral and Heidelberg’s beautiful medieval old town, and also boasts a surprising stretch of coastline where you’ll find ancient Hanseatic port towns and wild Baltic beaches.


Touring Highlights of Germany

  • The romantic river Rhine flows through some of Germany’s most beautiful scenery, a landscape of fairytale castles, hills carpeted by vineyards and charming little towns and villages.
  • The Berlin Wall came to symbolise the division of Europe during the Cold War era, and the city’s fascinating recent history is one of its main attractions, along with fantastic museums and some of Europe’s best nightlife.
  • The population of Munich swells every year as thousands descend on the beerhalls of the Bavarian capital for Oktoberfest.
  • The dense foliage of the Black Forest inspired the dark fairytales of the Brothers Grimm, though you’ll be safe from wicked witches as you explore the beautiful countryside and towering castles amongst the trees.
  • Dresden has risen, phoenix-like, from the devastation of the Second World War, and the city skyline has been painstakingly restored to something like its former glory, when the city was known as ‘the Florence of the North’.

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