"Jordan is a spellbinding land of rust-red deserts and Bedouin nomads, scattered with the remnants of the civilisations that once held sway here."

Escorted Tours and Holidays in Jordan

A fascinating and mesmerising country, Jordan is rich in significant Biblical and historical sites and extraordinary desert landscapes that promise to take your breath away. It’s a legendary land that has been greatly influenced by many major empires and civilisations, all of which have left their everlasting mark in history.

When you go on a tour holiday in Jordan, you’ll discover a country bursting with natural beauty, hidden history and amazing sites of interest. Many of the best attractions are easily accessed from the capital city of Amman, an exciting hubbub of museums, mosques, shops, maze-like souks and tempting eateries. Amman is also a convenient gateway to Petra, Wadi Rum and the Dead Sea – all must-see landmarks, included in escorted tours to Jordan.

Travel to the east bank of the Jordan River to connect with Biblical Bethany where John the Baptist lived and Jesus was baptised, and follow in the sandy footsteps of Thomas Edward Lawrence to admire the landscapes that inspired his world-famous book, ‘Seven Pillars of Wisdom.’ Also, head south to Wadi Rum for a camel ride or desert camp adventure, and journey north to take a float in the salt-saturated waters of the Dead Sea. There are just so many unique escorted Jordan tours waiting to be discovered, from riding across the desert on a 4x4 to scuba diving in the Red Sea and visiting the Crusader castles.

The well-preserved Roman ruins of Jerash might be an attraction that you haven’t come across before, but it’s one that should not be missed. It’s easy to venture to Jerash from Amman, and, when you get there, you’ll find an impressive Roman city with some of the most remarkable ruins from Roman times. The ruins were hidden under the desert for centuries and rediscovered in the early 1800s. As it’s such a massive and often crowded site, it’s recommended that you hire an escorted Jordan tour guide to help you navigate the ruins and stay one step ahead of the tourists.

And, of course, your Jordan holiday isn’t complete without a visit to the ‘lost’ city of Petra, which was built thousands of years ago by the Nabatean people and is now a World Heritage Site that’s famous for its rock-carved architecture and dramatic red sandstone landscape. Petra spans an enormous area and is surrounded by mountains, valleys and narrow passages, so it is recommended to use a Jordan tour guide to get you around this breathtaking city. Expert guides are included in all escorted tours to Jordon. Boasting a huge range of interesting things to do and see, it’s easy to understand why Jordan is such a popular bucket list destination.

Touring Highlights of Jordan

  • The ancient city of Petra: Known as the ‘Rose City’ due to the ornate rose-coloured architecture that was carved out of stone by the Nabataeans, Petra is like no other ancient city on earth.
  • Bethany beyond the Jordan: Located north of the Dead Sea in the Jordan Valley, Bethany is where John the Baptist preached and Jesus was baptised.
  • Wadi Rum: Spend the night at a desert camp or choose an escorted Jordon tour that enables you to experience a thrilling ride through the desert in a 4x4 vehicle.
  • The Dead Sea: A must-do on a Jordan holiday is floating in the Dead Sea, which is at the lowest point on earth at more than 400 metres below sea level. It’s also very near the area where John is believed to have baptised Jesus.
  • The resort town of Aqaba: The perfect Jordan holiday base for exploring the southern deserts and scuba diving with colourful fishes and reefs in the Red Sea.
  • Roman ruins of Jerash: Considered to be the best-preserved ruins outside of Italy and one of the most interesting escorted Jordon tour options, the Roman ruins of Jerash date back 2,000 years and are easy to get to from the capital of Amman.

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