"Laos casts a seductive spell over its visitors that cannot easily be explained unless you’ve experienced it yourself."

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Laos casts a seductive spell over its visitors that cannot easily be explained unless you’ve experienced it yourself. Although this landlocked Buddhist nation is no longer as undiscovered as it once was, tourists remain relatively thin on the ground, and a traditional way of life prevails throughout the country. The people are genuinely some of the friendliest you’ll meet anywhere in the world, and the laid back Laotian approach to life is infectious. So kick off your shoes, grab a chilled bottle of Beerlao and say sabai dee to your new favourite country...

Most travellers head straight for Luang Prabang, a friendly and easy-going town of saffron-robed monks, bamboo bridges and beautiful gilded temples. Follow the Mekong south through a landscape of lush limestone karsts and you’ll reach the tranquil capital, Vientiane, which sits right on the border with Thailand. Many visitors restrict themselves to this small snapshot of the country, but there is so much more on offer for the more intrepid traveller, including the enigmatic Plain of Jars and the watery wonderland of the Four Thousand Islands in the far south.


Touring Highlights of Laos

  • Laid back Luang Prabang is the undoubted star of the show, crammed full of dazzling Buddhist temples and cradled by jungle-covered hills, at the confluence of the Mekong and Nam Khan rivers.
  • A slow boat down the Mekong is a romantic introduction to Laos, taking you from the Thai border to Luang Prabang through a landscape of mountains, traditional villages and the famous caves at Pak Ou, which are filled with thousands of statues of Buddha.
  • Life in the Laotian capital, Vientiane, proceeds at such a relaxed pace that at times it feels more like an overgrown village. Ancient temples, elegant French colonial architecture and a burgeoning foodie scene make it well worth spending a couple of nights here.
  • As you head into the far south of Laos the Mekong widens and splits to create the Si Phan Don archipelago, better known as the Four Thousand Islands, an oasis of blissful relaxation.
  • The mysterious Plain of Jars is a megalithic site in central Laos where thousands of stone vessels are scattered across a hilly landscape. Not only are archaeologists unsure of what the jars were for, they’re not even certain which civilisation made them.

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