"Madagascar is an island of staggering biodiversity, home to 5% of all the known animal and plant species on earth."

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Madagascar is an island of staggering biodiversity, home to 5% of all the known animal and plant species on earth. Madagascar separated from mainland Africa around the time of the dinosaurs, and its weird and wonderful wildlife evolved in isolation for millions of years. The island’s most famous residents are its lemurs - more than 100 different species - and you’ll also encounter colourful chameleons, odd-looking insects, the cat-like fossa and much more. Humans only colonised the island around 2,000 years ago, and the distinctive Malagasy culture has as much in common with the countries of the Indian Ocean as it does with mainland Africa.

The terrain is incredibly varied, from dense jungle and lush rice terraces to arid desert and spiny forest. Madagascar’s flora is as distinctive as its fauna, and the bulbous baobab trees are one of the island’s most iconic sights. Resorts such as the Nosy Be offer some of the most attractive beaches in the Indian Ocean, and there’s also plenty for outdoor enthusiasts, with spectacular trekking, some excellent diving spots and a whole host of adrenaline-packed watersports on offer.


Touring Highlights of Madagascar

  • Madagascar’s lemurs are its star attraction, with over 100 species spread all over the island. Isalo National Park is known for its ring-tailed lemurs, while Andasibe is the best place to spot the noisy indri.
  • The island of Nosy Be is Madagascar’s most popular beach destination, a tropical paradise with white sand beaches to rival anywhere in the Indian Ocean.
  • The Avenue of the Baobabs is perhaps the most photographed location on the island, a short stretch of road lined by trees that look like they’ve been planted upside down, and that can live for up to 800 years.
  • The little fishing village of Ifaty is a popular spot for snorkelling, diving and whale watching, and is situated close to the surreal spiny forest, a unique habitat that is rich in birdlife.
  • Ranomafana National Park is inhabited by an astonishing array of wildlife, including chameleons, mongooses and 12 different species of lemur.

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