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Why Trafalgar?

Trafalgar connects you with people, places and experiences to reveal the diversity of the places we go.

We give you the real thing, without you having to worry about a thing. From the icons to the Trafalgar only highlights, you connect to the rich depths of the world.

Stay in hotels that are more than just a bed for the night, but are a piece of the heritage of the community around it. Connect with locals who are proud to bring you into their tales so you experience firsthand their way of life.

It’s the people and places we’ve known since 1947, with feedback from over 5 million guests like you that fuel our innovation to craft simply the best holidays and bring you the good life.

As a proud member of The Travel Corporation (TTC), Trafalgar is driven by service and passionately run and owned by a family involved in travel and hospitality for 100 years.

As an active founder and supporter of the TreadRight Foundation, you can travel confidently knowing they support the protection and conservation of the places we visit. They aim to tread far, but tread lightly. It’s this same consideration they have for our planet that they have for your travel needs.

With 4.6% rating from their guests since partnering with independent ratings provider, Feefo, they understand your desire to travel with more freedom than ever.

Every hour, every continent, we bring you the good life

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