"Switzerland is a magical land ensconced within the mountainous heart of Europe, a place where age-old traditions meet urban sophistication."

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Switzerland is a magical land ensconced within the mountainous heart of Europe, a place where age-old traditions meet urban sophistication. The majestic scenery is the backdrop to the classic image of Switzerland as a land of yodelling, cuckoo clocks and holey cheese, but there’s plenty more to this compact country than Alpine clichés. Switzerland is also one of the richest nations on earth, comprised of 26 cantons speaking four different languages, and has not fought a single foreign war since adopting a position of neutrality in 1815.

The mountains are of course the biggest draw, providing a stunning setting for outdoor pursuits such as hiking, skiing and snowboarding. This is without doubt one of the most photogenic countries in Europe, and you can enjoy the views from the cosy warmth of a log cabin or the glass-walled Glacier Express train. Take a boat trip across lovely Lake Geneva, the largest in Western Europe, and discover the cobbled streets of charming cities such as Basel and Bern. Switzerland is also a destination for indulgent treats; help yourself to heavenly Swiss chocolate, gorge on gooey raclette or give your credit card a workout in one of Geneva’s upmarket jewellery stores.


Touring Highlights of Switzerland

  • Two of Switzerland’s loveliest cities lie on the banks of Lake Geneva. Geneva itself is the European headquarters of the UN and the place to splash out on expensive chocolate and designer jewellery, while lively Lausanne has a picturesque old town and some excellent museums.
  • The predominantly German-speaking city of Basel straddles the river Rhine, and charms visitors with its beautiful Altstadt, cosmopolitan atmosphere and famous annual art festival.
  • The Matterhorn is the most famous mountain in the Swiss Alps, and the striking angular peak inspired the design of one of Switzerland’s most iconic exports, the Toblerone!
  • Switzerland’s compact capital, Bern, is a laid back and inviting city of cobbled streets, lively bars and provincial charm, situated on a picturesque bend in the river Aare.
  • The famous Glacier Express train is one of the best ways to take in Switzerland’s stunning mountain scenery, slowly winding its way through the Alps between St Moritz and Zermatt.

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