Adriatic Unearthed

Adriatic Unearthed (Start Split - From June 2020)
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Perfect for those wanting big sights, sun-filled days, lip smacking eats and old world charm, this trip around the best of the Adriatic is an all-round bucket-list ticker, and then some, for those with a little more time on the clock. Starting in the sun-drenched city of Split, you'll find out why Croatia is right at the top of any keen travellers bucket list, then with a lot more destinations on offer for the next two weeks, you'll be dropping plenty of 'OMGs' as you fall in love with place after place.


  • See the Venetian fortress in Corfu's old town

Salerno to Rome

  • See Mt. Vesuvius


  • Peel back the layers of Rome's history on a city walking tour including the Trevi Fountain
  • Croatia
  • Albania
  • Greece
  • Italy
  • Slovenia
  • Bosnia
  • Montenegro
  • Croatia (Hrvatska)
  • Europe
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  • In Depth Explorer
Day 1 Split to Dubrovnik
Meet your new travel crew this morning and drive down the stunning Dalmatian coast toward Dubrovnik.The drive along the Dalmatian coastline to Dubrovnik is a sightseeing must do all on its own. On arrival in the city you'll be greeted by limestone walls; an Old Town filled with quintessentially Croatian cafes and plenty of clubs; and a mountain meets sea situation will see you falling in love within seconds. After you've been guided around the city by our team, you'll be armed with the knowledge to pick out a waterside rock bar where you can swim and indulge 'til your heart's content. Tonight over dinner with the crew, spirits will no doubt be high and the show's not over yet!
Meals: Dinner
Locations: Split, Dubrovnik

Day 2 Dubronvik to Tirana via Kotor
Now that we've done all things Dubrovnik, we'll coast our way to the Albanian city of Tirana.All good journeys are broken up by pit stops in Rivieras with sandy beaches, medieval towns & ancient relgious sites. Crossing into Budva, we'll make a lunch stop in Montenegro.We arrive in the capital city of Albania after some serious mountain landscapes. This city is buzzing with life since the post-communism in the 1990's, boasting buildings painted in bright primary colours, cool cafes, streets and parks that are perfect for exploring. Explore this hidden gem by night, then head to bed knowing that city hangs are a thing of the past with our next stop, two nights in sun-drenched Corfu.
Meals: Breakfast
Locations: Dubrovnik, Tirana

Day 3 Tirana to Corfu
Goodbye city, hello beach hangs! It's southbound today into glorious Greece, one of the world's most sought-after holiday destinations and 100% bucketlist worthy.With two days of sunshine ahead, spirits will be at an all time high. Get excited for the next two days over dinner with the group, no doubt grabbing some refreshments and exploring the island by night!
Meals: Breakfast
Locations: Tirana, Corfu

Day 4 Corfu
The best version of island time? Greek island time. And you'll settle straight into it on the dream scene of Corfu. A heritage listed old town, water sports aplenty & the option to hit the seas again on a cruise or devour an Ionian Dinner with the crew - this is what your first day in Greece will look like.
Meals: Breakfast, Dinner
Locations: Corfu

Day 5 Corfu to Overnight Adriatic Ferry
Another day, another chance to get salty & eat a smorgasbord of feta, olives and grapevines stuffed with delectable rice and kick back on island time. Before we lose all sense of reality and morph into sea-soaked island dwellers, we're making tracks to Italy for pizza, pasta and piazzas of course! After the sun has set, we'll set sail on our overnight ferry ride to Bari, where your feet will touch Italian soil.
Meals: Breakfast
Locations: Corfu, Overnight Adriatic Ferry

Day 6 Overnight Adriatic Ferry to Salerno via Bari
Good morning Italy, we waste no time this morning and make our way to Salerno.Today could see you tick off another bucket list sight, where you could opt to visit breathtakingly the Amalfi Coast, making sure your camera is fully on charge for colourful houses cascading down the mountainside in sun-bleached hues.
Meals: Breakfast
Locations: Overnight Adriatic Ferry, Salerno

Day 7 Salerno to Rome via Pompeii
Rise & shine! This morning we're hitting the cobblestones & headed for Pompeii, where we'll dedicate our time to exploring this archeological wonder.Once a totally vibing hang-out of the ancient Romans, Pompeii is now a living time capsule showcasing the remains of a Roman city and its residents, with walls, mosaics & activities perfectly preserved thanks to the catastrophic eruption of Mt Vesuvius covering the entire town with ash in 79AD. We're being treated to a guided walking tour around these real-life Roman streets. The saying 'stepping back in time' is about to take on a whole new meaning...This afternoon we'll be jolted back to modern city life as we pull in to Rome, Italy's bustling capital. Gather your travel family and make the most of your final evening together with a special optional group dinner 'La Dolce Vita'.
Meals: Breakfast
Locations: Salerno, Rome

Day 8 Rome
Sunfilled days, hot summery nights - this is what Rome is all about. Set your eyes upon Rome with heightened love and appreciation for the great country she's nestled in. Get a glimpse of the greats, maybe down some pizza for dinner and stroll the streets in la mode of leisure knowing you have all day tomorrow to see the sites.
Meals: Breakfast
Locations: Rome

Day 9 Rome
With a whole day to explore, there's free time to walk amongst the ancient ruins scattered around the city. Visit the famous Colosseum, home to some of the biggest spectacles of powerful Imperial Rome, with its labyrinthine chambers that once housed wild animals and gladiatorial contestants now open to the public to view. Or take to the cute cobbled streets for your fix of Italian food, with lunch specialities like arancini, caprese salad and of course, fresh pasta.
Meals: Breakfast, Dinner
Locations: Rome

Day 10 Rome to Florence
We leave a little bit of our heart in Rome, but we're not done with Italy just yet, there are two iconic cities to explore before our time in Italy is done.The Duomo Cathedral sits above the city making certain we know we have arrived in Florence. We'll become history buffs on a guided walking tour before we learn the art of leather. Tonight you can choose to begin your Tuscan love affair at an optional dinner - think olives, cured meats, crostini & wine. Later, you could keep it moving back in the city, and experience Florence by night.
Meals: Breakfast
Locations: Rome, Florence

Day 11 Florence to Venice
Florence, you've been heavenly, but today we have the floating city on our horizons and we can't wait. Pizza, piazzas … we can't wait.The floating city of gondolas, canals and pretty bridges - what a splendid way to continue our Italian love affair. A guided walking tour and a gondola ride are up for grabs, or you can always choose to get lost on your own and see where the maze takes you.
Meals: Breakfast
Locations: Florence, Venice

Day 12 Venice to Ljubljana
Venice we love you, but there's more to see and we're ready. Today brings us another country to tick off our bucket list, and although the name is hard to pronounce, it packs some serious punch!Although you might find nods to neighbouring countries within Slovenian culture, a distinct identity has evolved from this melody of influences. After our guided walking tour, explore the bohemian art district of Metelkova Mesto, sit by one of the cities atmospheric watercourses & try all the incredible food on offer.
Meals: Breakfast
Locations: Venice, Ljubljana

Day 13 Ljubljana to Plitvice
Bye Ljubljana! We have places to go and people to see, namely, Croatia. And on our way to the Dalmation coast, we have a very important stop with scenery that will blow your mind...Cascading turquoise-hued waters and jewel-like pools await us at Plitvice Lakes. Why this place isn't famous world over as one of the prettiest places in Europe, we have no idea, but for now it's like an extra special secret world. Wander the cute wooden bridges with waterfalls either side and stop for plenty of selfies along the route, as you contemplate the beauty and glory of Mother Nature.
Meals: Breakfast, Dinner
Locations: Ljubljana, Plitvice

Day 14 Plitvice to Split
We'll hit the road again for our next stop on the agenda, the harbourside city of Split.It's time to get nautical here on the coast of Croatia. Spend the afternoon exploring her sun-soaked, seafront glory. We'll start you off right with a visit to Old Town Split and Diocletian's Palace for a taste of ancient history amongst the cobbled streets. It would be downright wrong not to indulge in some local tastes tonight too, so opt for a traditional Croat dinner to fuel up on before the night ahead. Later no doubt feeling festive, you could hit the town to explore the city by night!
Meals: Breakfast
Locations: Plitvice, Split

Day 15 Depart Split
The adventure packed with No Regrets moments has come to an end, oh how much we've seen! With social details swapped and phone numbers exchanged we farewell each other, no doubts with plans for a reunion trip already in full swing. Japan Unrivalled, anyone?
Meals: Breakfast
Locations: Split


  • You'll spend your epic adventure in twin-share hotel accommodation for 13 nights and 1 night cosied up on an overnight ferry. Look forward to resting your head on comfy pillows, with facilities you want when you travel.


  • Wake up each day to hearty breakfast each and every day to keep these easy and hassle free. We'll also throw in 4 tasty and delicious dinners to keep hunger pangs at bay, with the rest of the time free for you to follow your nose around this delicious part of the world. Fresh seafood, gelato, pizza, pasta...the list, and options, are endless.


  • A highly trained Trip Manager who brings your adventure to life. An expert driver who knows foreign roads better than Google Maps. Local Guides who make tourist traps a thing of the past. This is your team. Smart, friendly, fun, and integral to everything we do.

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