Boot Scoot N Blues

Boot, Scoot N Blues
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Looking for the ultimate southern road trip? Take a venture to the deep south for 15 days of mouthwatering eats, bright lights, breathtaking national parks and music filled late nights. This trip will see you shimmying around the sights and delights of New Orleans, Nashville, Memphis and Austin to name just a few, with the show stopping glamping in the smoky mountains to top it all off, all to the sultry sound of sweet southern jazz and twittering songbirds.

You can expect to refuel with hearty breakfasts and delicious dinners from us but we'll also give you the opportunity to sample some of the best local cuisine. You'll taste it all - from simple street eats to gourmet fare.
Professional, insightful and fun, our Trip Managers, Drivers and Local Guides in the USA & Canada are highly trained and ready to show you this incredible part of the world. Armed with their little black books of must sees, dos and eats, they'll help you avoid the tourist traps and show you the time of your life.
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Dates Price Single Availability
19-May-2021 for 14 Nights Enquire
02-Jun-2021 for 14 Nights Enquire
16-Jun-2021 for 14 Nights Enquire
14-Jul-2021 for 14 Nights Enquire
11-Aug-2021 for 14 Nights Enquire
25-Aug-2021 for 14 Nights Enquire
20-Oct-2021 for 14 Nights Enquire
03-Nov-2021 for 14 Nights Enquire
01-Dec-2021 for 14 Nights Enquire
05-Jan-2022 for 14 Nights Enquire
02-Feb-2022 for 14 Nights Enquire
16-Feb-2022 for 14 Nights Enquire
02-Mar-2022 for 14 Nights Enquire
16-Mar-2022 for 14 Nights Enquire
30-Mar-2022 for 14 Nights Enquire
20-Apr-2022 for 14 Nights Enquire
18-May-2022 for 14 Nights Enquire
01-Jun-2022 for 14 Nights Enquire
15-Jun-2022 for 14 Nights Enquire
29-Jun-2022 for 14 Nights Enquire
13-Jul-2022 for 14 Nights Enquire
10-Aug-2022 for 14 Nights Enquire
24-Aug-2022 for 14 Nights Enquire
21-Sep-2022 for 14 Nights Enquire
19-Oct-2022 for 14 Nights Enquire
02-Nov-2022 for 14 Nights Enquire
30-Nov-2022 for 14 Nights Enquire
04-Jan-2023 for 14 Nights Enquire
01-Feb-2023 for 14 Nights Enquire
15-Feb-2023 for 14 Nights Enquire
01-Mar-2023 for 14 Nights Enquire
15-Mar-2023 for 14 Nights Enquire
29-Mar-2023 for 14 Nights Enquire

Touring with Contiki

Started by one man with big dreams in 1962, Contiki now offers over 300 trips to 6 continents for 18 to 35 year olds, with the mantra #NOREGRETS. It’s their way of life; it’s about changing your perspective on the world, walking in other’s shoes, witnessing different cultures, religions, and ways of living; it’s about living in the moment, pushing past your comfort zone, challenging yourself to do the things you never thought possible.

Contiki believe that travel is so much more than just ticking boxes and saying you were there. It’s not about doing things for the sake of doing them, or seeing things just because you should. For them, travel is all about experience. It’s the number of sunsets you’ve watched with best friends, the number of ancient landmarks you’ve visited, the number of times you’ve defied your comfort zone and done the extraordinary. So that’s what their trips are all about – the #NOREGRETS experiences that will make you, the traveller, richer than your wildest dreams.

Their incredible experiences encompass all interests and cultures – bathing in the Blue Lagoon in Iceland, seeing the pyramids of Giza, walking the Great Wall of China, roadtrip along Route 66, watch the sunrise over Uluru, party in Las Vegas, snorkel the Great Barrier Reef, zipline through the Costa Rica rainforest, see the Mona Lisa, fly over the Grand Canyon or cuddle a Koala. The cost of your trip ensures Contiki take care of all your travel arrangements, accommodation, breakfasts and dinners, organised activities, plenty of free time and optional ‘me’ time activities to put your own unique stamp on your travel experience.

Contiki cater to all travellers, whether you want to cram in as many destinations as possible and experience everything or stick in one region for a while for an in depth exploration to really get under the skin of the country, they have the trip for you and many other options in between. Choose a purely water-based adventure with their Sailing, Cruise and Beach holidays, or snowy travels with the Winter holidays and even purely camping accommodation to make the most of your holiday budget but still see and experience all your destination has to offer.

Contiki is a founding partner of TreadRight, a not-for-profit foundation established by The Travel Corporation in 2008 to encourage sustainable tourism within its family of amazing travel brands. The TreadRight Foundation acts as an older, wiser sibling to Contiki, guiding them down a more sustainable path. The TreadRight Foundation supports projects that help the environment, protect and conserve ecosystems, and benefit communities. The foundation, along with The Travel Corporation brands, has donated in excess of US$2 million towards international sustainable tourism projects - a figure that continues to rise.


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