Almost Big One - 21 Day Canadian Road Trip Adventure

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Join us for 2/3rds of our premiere adventure road trip. The great outdoors, national parks, cultural centres, epic cities and quaint towns. You'll trek across Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and PEI. ​

Canada is one of the most exciting and rewarding places to visit in the world – from our national parks, natural wonders, funky towns and vibrant cities.

Canada is massive and incredibly diverse. Two million rivers big. A million moose big. And just about the size of all of Europe! We've created the ultimate Canadian road trip so that you can conquer the central and east coast well - unlocking the region like it never has been for travellers looking to go on a road-trip adventure. All with flexibility, and 2-3 nights in each location to soak it in.

Experience 23rds of our premiere adventure road trip combining our favourite places, each unique and awesome in its own way. The great outdoors, national parks, cultural centres, epic cities and quaint towns. You'll trek across Quebec, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and PEI.

Explore the Gaspesie, Bay of Fundy the Cabot Trail and PEI. Wander the streets of Toronto, Montreal, Quebec City, Halifax and Charlottetown and lots lots lots lots more. In many places we will be the only travellers soaking it in. The world hasn’t caught on yet about these unique and diverse regions – and you’ll be carving the adventure trail with us.

Our trips are meant to feel more like a group road-trip - with a local expert leading the way. We'll always be on the lookout to share something special with you: an epic view, a great lookout for a sunset, a cool hidden street, or even just a starlit sky completely free of light pollution.

  • Experience pure starlight, forests that stretch further than your eyes can see and incredible wildlife
  • Behold vertical tidal changes of over 15 meters and walk on the ocean floor amongst flower pot rocks
  • Traverse 60 meter sand dunes and then head whale watching by Zodiac (at extra cost) in one of the best places in the world
  • Sleep in Yurts, A-frames, Quebec hippie & festival hostels, and classic hostels 
    Go on a sunset hike, and then swim in an abandoned gypsum mine surrounded by dramatic coastal views
    Witness a breathtaking Canadian sunset, with bands, bonfires and a mighty river just steps from your Yurt
  • Swim and listen to the singing sands at the best beach in Canada, then devour legendary Cow’s Ice Cream? 
  • Wander Quebec’s cobbled streets, party hard in Montreal, sing the night away in Halifax, and be charmed in Charlottetown?
  • Explore our peerless national parks – Cape Breton, Gaspesie, Bic and Saguenay-St-Lawrence Marine 
  • Enjoy our delicacies – just-caught seafood, real poutine, Quebec cheese, local beers, new potatoes (or just stick to Ramen)
  • Via Ferrata across and through a canyon, right beside a gushing 74-meter waterfall (at extra cost)?
  • Kayak in the Baddest Bay – witnessing dramatic coastlines
  • Hike the incredible Chic-Choc Mountains, Parc Bic’s rugged terrain and Cape Breton’s Franey
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  • North America
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  • Overland
  • 18-30 somethings

Day 1 (2 nights) -Quebec City, Quebec
You'll meet us on our last day in Quebec City, where you can explore the narrow, cobbled streets of the old fortified city. You can check out the Citadel, the Plains of Abraham and many more historical sites. You will get to experience Canyon Sainte-Anne when we continue on. For eats, you'll discover amazing poutine alongside other Quebec specialities, after which you can head out to an arcade game-styled bar or boîte de chanson for some local live music.

Day 2-3 (2 nights) - Tadoussac, Quebec
From Quebec City we'll head north along the St Lawrence river, making a few stops along the way, including Charlevoix so that you can try their famous and ridiculously delicious cheese. We'll then take short ferry, and arrive at our destination, Tadoussac, where we will stay for a few days. You'll have a chance to explore huge sand dunes, go whale-watching, and enjoy strolls along the quaint village streets. The local auberge jeunesse is a Quebec hippie style hostel, offering live music and bonfires throughout the evening and until very late.

Day 4-6 (3 nights) - Bay of Fundy, New Brunswick
We'll then enter the Maritimes! Here you'll witness the Bay of Fundy, which has the highest tides in the world. You can explore the national park, wildlife viewing, and stargaze into a sky free of light pollution.
Meanwhile you'll eat your fill of seafood fresh out of the water. You’ll also get to experience Hopewell Rocks, Cape Enrage, Sea Coves, the official Scenic Trail Drive and more. We have a few great days for exploration.

Day 7-9 (3 nights) - Halifax, Nova Scotia
We'll then drive further east across New Brunswick and head south towards our destination, Halifax, Nova Scotia. Halifax itself is fantastic, with colourful gingerbread-style houses, seaside lighthouses and picturesque rocky shorelines. You'll experience clean breezes, beautiful views and people that love nothing more than signing a tune and enjoying a drink. Additional excursions to Peggy’s Cove and a few other spots and beyond are also on the docket.

Day 10-12 (3 nights) - Cabot Trail/Cape Breton, Nova Scotia
From Halifax we'll venture north to the scenic Cabot Trail and Cape Breton Highlands National Park. Coastal views from Cheticamp, Pleasant Bay and beyond are breathtaking.There is so much to do and see here - mostly outside whether a swim in the ocean or a nice hike with an incredible view. We will definitely be out and exploring.Along the way, we'll stop in quaint Acadian villages and seaside towns. The national park is filled with incredible hiking opportunities. Some of the ones we love include Franey, and Skyline trail (not to mention a few secret things)..

Day 13-15 (3 nights) - Prince Edward Island
Gorgeous, charming and relaxed, Prince Edward Island (PEI) is the next stop on our big road trip.
Charlottetown has a beautiful waterfront and some fine local pubs, where you'll have an opportunity to try their local specialty – blueberry beer or some local oysters.
PEI is the home of the potato, and some hostels will provide you with some for free. If the timing is right, you'll be able to pick up “new” potatoes at a local stand and chow down.
There are also some great provincial parks and beaches to visit on optional day trips.
In fact, it has Canada's best beaches with sand dunes.

Day 16-18 (3 total - 2 nights in 1, 1 in other) - Gaspesie & Riviere du Loup, Quebec
Unless you're from Quebec, Gaspesie is a little-known treasure, not least for its spectacular Gaspesie national park. The drive we'll take along the St Lawrence and through the national parks is truly epic, with hidden coves and quaint towns dotted throughout. You'll experience beautiful nature, epic canyoneering, wonderful hiking opportunities and delicious local cuisine.
The Sea Shack is renowned for cool rooms, cabins, yurts and a beachside tiki bar which usually has a stellar band jamming. Bonfires, star-gazing, sunsets and sunrises galore, and some great music and festivities, will be the usual way to round off the day.
After Gaspesie, we normally spend an evening Riviere du Loup for an evening - so that we have time to explore the incredible Parc Bic - not to mention the quaint town!

Day 19-20 (2 nights) - Montreal, Quebec
Montreal may be indescribable, but we can at least promise quality food, great nightlife and good times on our arrival. You can check out Rue St Denis, the Latin Quarter and the Village. From the Basilique Notre Dame to the Basque restaurants of Old Montreal, you'll get to enjoy all that the city has to offer in its own distinct Quebecois way. You can get by with English in most spots, but knowing a few sentences in French will be appreciated!

Day 21 (0 nights) - Toronto, Ontario
We'll arrive back in Toronto after a decent drive from Montreal. There is a lot packed into "The Six", and it's well worth a few days in itself. So make sure you have enough energy left for an afternoon's mooching around Kensington Market or Ossington Avenue, or a bike ride around the Toronto Islands, or at least a walk along West Queen West and a lunch in Trinity Bellwoods. It really doesn't have to end here.


  • Transportation throughout the trip
  • Day trips, lifts to activities, regions and national park
  • Booking support for add-on activities
  • Some local cultural surprises along the way


  • Add-on activities (e.g., white water rafting)
  • Majority of food during the trip

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Touring with Out Here Travel

Out Here Travel have created the ultimate Canadian road trip: so you can conquer the out-of-this-world central and east coast – from national parks and natural wonders, to funky towns and vibrant cities. Canada is one of the most exciting and rewarding places to travel. It’s incredibly diverse – and big! Two million rivers big. A million moose big. Almost as big as the whole of Europe!

Their trips max out at eighteen people between the ages of 18-39, staying in rustic lodges, yurts and A-frames in national parks and classic hostels. Spending 2-3 nights in most locations so that you have the right amount of time to experience them – with flexibility.

Their core route is a wild 26-day adventure that they call the Big One, this trip is organised into a few different sections that are between 12 and 21 days for those that don’t have the time or budget. They are the only travel company providing this type of experience in Canada.

Out Here Travel help you experience the great stuff. That’s their priority – full stop. They don’t sell your time, take cuts from activity providers or get paid to stop at tourist traps. Experience what makes Canada and your time spectacular - not just the known quantities.

National parks, natural wonders and wildlife. Paddle, climb, raft, unknown unknowns and lots more.


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