Why Escorted Touring?

Shake off that thought that escorted touring is only for back packers or the elderly, there's something for everyone, on all budgets. Escorted touring (or a guided holiday) is very popular, and I think you won't get a better holiday experience.

It's becoming increasingly popular to take an escorted group tour or a guided holiday for many reasons. When you take this type of holiday you'll be able to budget up front because meals and sightseeing are included and organised for you saving you precious time and money. Also, an escorted group tour comes with a professional guide who travels with you, providing you with lots of local information and anecdotes you would never hear if you travelled around on your own.

There are many other benefits of taking an escorted tour. Having everything organised for you allows you to sit back and relax whilst taking in the scenery, avoid long queues for tickets, meet new friends, take advantage of group flight check-ins (where applicable) and have your luggage handled at your touring stops.

Whether you're looking for a family holiday, a honeymoon holiday or a singles holiday, we think that there's an escorted group tour to suit your needs.

Now, as I'm the touring expert and I've been on many myself, I completely understand that some people will have doubts as to whether escorted touring is for them. Yes, you probably will get that one person or a couple who will be annoying, loud, moany or want to take centre stage, but don't let that put you off, as in our experience it can be very entertaining. And if nothing else, it will provide you with lots of laughs and stories to tell when you return!

So, get searching and comparing and find that perfect tour for you.

tour hound
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