"South America is like a world in miniature: within the bounds of this one continent you’ll find steaming jungles, parched deserts, towering mountains, blissful beaches, windswept ice fields, rolling grasslands and sprawling megacities."

Escorted Tours and Holidays in South America

If you want to explore super-sized cities, ancient ruins and diverse landscapes, then you’ll love a escorted touring holiday of South America. Home to manmade wonders, famous landmarks, gorgeous beaches, parched deserts and lush rainforests, South America is quite simply one of the most varied and exciting continents on earth.

Escorted South American Tour holidays have something for every type of traveller and are ideal for those looking cultural and adventure escorted tours. As a continent that was changed by the arrival of Europeans and shaped by colonialism, slavery and revolutionary struggle, it’s a fascinating patchwork of indigenous cultures and ancient civilisations.

An escorted tour to South America is nothing short of sensational, and you can’t visit this part of the world without seeing the magnificent ancient Inca city of Machu Picchu in Peru. Be an explorer and take a trek into history to this world-famous archaeological site that’s embedded within a dramatic landscape and stands right in the middle of a tropical mountain forest. Whilst in Peru, be sure to spend some time in Cusco, the amazing former capital of the Incan empire and a spellbinding blend of impressive architecture, trendy cafes, cobblestone streets and wonderful neighbourhoods.

If you want to visit more than just one area of South America, you can choose an escorted tour that lets you explore Chile and its beautiful Lake District, as well as Argentina and its natural wonders and enigmatic cities. You could even take a Brazil holiday to either visit Rio or the Amazon, then travel to Guyana, the lost corner of South America to see Georgetown, spectacular wildlife and Kaieteur Falls. Alternatively, take an escorted tour to Ecuador to get better acquainted with the Amazon rainforest or the Ecuador Highlands region before taking a trip to the Galapagos Islands.

It’s so easy to discover the best of South America when you choose an escorted tour that’s organised by one of our respected tour operators. Go on a holiday to Columbia to unearth the historical delights of its capital and learn about coffee production on a guided farm tour or head to Brazil for a Rio de Janeiro Carnival experience. But as South America’s biggest country, Brazil has so much more to offer than just its huge seaside city of Rio de Janeiro, such as the megacity of Sao Paulo, the city of Manaus, the Mato Grosso region and the Pantanal wetlands.

You can also stop off in Bolivia to take in the breathtaking scenery and vibrant market towns or to venture to Potosi, an important colonial city and a must for those looking to add some history to their Bolivia escorted tour holiday. Another mesmerising destination is the Falkland Islands with their unique culture and long history, not forgetting Uruguay with its beach-lined coast and colourful carnival celebrations.


Escorted Touring Highlights of South America

  • Peru: No Peru escorted tour holiday would be complete without a visit to Machu Picchu, the legendary lost city of the Incas. Other highlights include the underrated capital of Lima, the former Inca capital of Cusco and Lake Titicaca.
  • Chile: Stretching along South America’s western edge, Chile is home to beautiful mountain scenery, world-class wine regions and some of the most energetic cities on earth. When here, be sure to visit the capital of Santiago and head to the picturesque Lake District.
  • Argentina: Most escorted tour itineraries include a stop at the cosmopolitan capital of Buenos Aires or Argentina’s historic city of Cordoba. For a once in a lifetime experience, make your way to cowboy country to explore glorious scenery on horseback.
  • Guyana: One of South America’s best-kept secrets, Guyana is where you’ll find a wide variety of landscapes, including mountains, rainforests and coastal plains, not to mention the Kaieteur Falls. Make sure you allocate some time to explore the buzzing capital city of Georgetown and its museums, markets and restaurants galore!
  • Ecuador: A land of contrasts and home to volcanoes, waterfalls, the Amazon rainforest, Ecuador promises to make any holiday amazing. Plus, you can easily add on a trip to the Galapagos Islands from here.
  • Columbia: Some people believe that Columbia is the most stunning country in South America, and we can’t say we blame them. Although its star attraction is the colonial town of Cartagena, Columbia offers a winning mix of gorgeous scenery, pretty towns, coffee farms and historic sites.
  • Brazil: It would be a shame not to visit South America’s biggest country during your escorted tour holiday. From street markets, superb beaches and samba nights to historic towns, natural beauty and the Rio de Janeiro Carnival, Brazil offers a huge variety of opportunities.
  • Bolivia: Home to the world’s highest lake and capital city, as well as the earth’s largest salt flat, Bolivia is a destination that never fails to impress.
  • Falkland Islands: Wild and remote, the Falkland Islands offer historical gems, fantastic wildlife and beautiful white sandy beaches, and we believe they deserve a spot on every travel bucket list out there.
  • Uruguay: Although small and often overshadowed by its neighbours, Uruguay should not be missed on your escorted tour holiday. It’s one of South Americas least visited countries with a relaxed capital city that is by no means lifeless. You can also head to the beaches of Punta del Esta to rub shoulders with celebrities or take a step back into the past in the charming town of Colonia del Sacramento.

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