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5 Reasons why Escorted Tour Holidays are perfect for Solo Travellers

5 Reasons why Escorted Tour Holidays are perfect for Solo Travellers

Whether it’s couple-centric marketing, misconceptions about marital status or the dreaded single supplement, solo travellers are used to being misunderstood and taken for granted by holiday companies. Yet some five million Brits travel solo every year, as diverse and as varied in their interests as any other group of travellers.

posted on 21-May-2018


Coach tours, suprisingly luxurious.

Coach Tours: A Surprisingly Luxurious Way To Travel

The history of coach touring in the UK begins in the early 1900s, when a group of enterprising businessmen in the northwest of England began offering excursions to destinations such as Manchester and North Wales. These early pioneers, men like Herbert Shearing and James Smith, gradually broadened their horizons, with the first international tours departing for continental Europe in 1938.

posted on 26-Apr-2018


spring escorted tours

5 Reasons To Tour Europe In Spring And Early Summer

There are so many great reasons to travel to Europe in spring and early summer, whether you’re keen to escape the long British winter, eager to see the sights before the summer crowds arrive, or simply looking to snap up a bargain.

posted on 22-Mar-2018


Turbocharge Your Gap Year

You’ve just made one of the most exciting decisions of your life. You’re going to take some time out - a summer holiday, a gap year, a career break - and see the world. The possibilities for adventure are endless, and the world really is your oyster. Now for the hard part - you need to plan that trip.

posted on 23-Feb-2018


Northern Lights tours: Everything you need to know

The aurora borealis has been casting its spell over the peoples of the North for centuries. The Vikings believed that the mysterious glow emanated from the shields of the Valkyries, the mythical maidens who carried fallen warriors to Valhalla. Many Inuit communities thought that the aurora was caused by the spirits of the dead, playing a football-like game with the skull of a walrus!

posted on 12-Feb-2018


10 Common Myths About Escorted Touring Holidays

There are all sorts of misconceptions about touring holidays, often because people aren’t aware of the sheer variety of travel experiences on offer. In this article I’ll debunk 10 of the most common myths about escorted tour holidays, and share a few tips on how to find the right trip for you...

posted on 16-Jan-2018


TourHound featured in the Daily Mail

After a successful launch event with partners and suppliers at the end of November 2017, travel journalist Fred Mawer gives TourHound a very positive review after putting the website to the test.

posted on 12-Dec-2017